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How the APEX365 Model has proven to be an effective tool for sport organizations to reach their strategic objectives


Within this white paper, APEX Global Sport Group shares their vision on the importance of having alignment between the core functional areas of sport organizations, to ensure sustainable growth and efficiencies of sport organizations. There will be explained how these sport organizations can reach their strategic objectives in an effective way. 

Does your sport organization reach all its objectives?

We have found that one of the main reasons why many sport organizations are not operating efficiently is due to a lack of alignment between the 3 core functional areas. The APEX Global Sport Group managing partners have witnessed this through their years of working with hundreds sport organization across the world.

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Suboptimal management of sport organizations leads to stand-alone sport programs often resulting in systemic gaps and deficiencies. Proper management of sport organizations results in integration and alignment between all the relevant departments, divisions and stakeholders within a sport system. In terms of sport system development, an important challenge for sport organizations is: How to connect the dots between the core functional areas? What programs need to be planned? What stakeholders need to be involved to create the desired key performance outputes?  Download the white paper to learn more about how the APEX365 Model can be successful for your sport organization. And schedule a FREE quickscan meeting to explore what areas within your organization can be improved or need specific attention to become a successful sport system.

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