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High Performance Management

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To perform at the highest level, you need to create an environment of success for ALL stakeholders. APEX Global Sport Group has the experience and history of success to design and develop sustainable programs to help you deliver an optimal performance environment at all levels – regional, national or international.

We have extensive experience in the following:

High Performance Program Plan – Helping you build short – and long-term plans to meet your organization’s performance goals.


Performance Data Analysis and Technology Support – helping you track performance for your own teams and your competitors. via a live dashboard, to support and guide programs or appropriate evidence-based decision making.


Integrated Support Team (IST) Development – Ensuring that you have the right Sport Sciences and Sports Medicine service providers in place and that they are an effective Integrated Support Team (IST).


Technology Management – In collaboration with the IST, to ensure that your performance teams are aware of and/or using appropriate technologies and systems; and that new technology is introduced and used appropriately, based on evidence and real needs. APEX-GSG has a wide network with sport technology suppliers and data technology firms. We can help you find the best technology solution for your specific needs


Talent Development and Identification – Building and designing programs for the further development of identified talents including: talent identification, talent selection, talent transfer and other means to ensure that identified talents can develop to high performance level in dedicated training environments.


Performance Coach Development – Integrated with the overall coach education/development plan you need to ensure that your high performance coaches are of the highest possible quality. We will help you build customized professional development and succession plans.


Major Games / Event Preparation – We help you build major competition preparation plans including: event scouting; familiarization/simulation; ‘games management’ planning and preparation and post event de-brief and data analysis.


Competition Day Management – Including pre-game preparation, data collection and post-game review. 


Staffing / Specialists –We work with a leading international sport employment search firm to help you find the right people including high performance directors, coaches and specialist support staff.


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