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Sport Development Management

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APEX Global Sport Group understands the value of a complete and aligned sport system. We help you build athlete and coach pathways, from grassroots to lifelong sport participation and high performance, as well as other critical elements of a comprehensive system – including club development, administrator, officials and volunteer development.


Sports are often measured on how many medals they win in international competition; however, that can only happen if there is a strong base of athlete, coach and official’s development. A strong base leads to strong performance at the highest levels.

APEX Global Sport Group has extensive experience in the following:

  • Athlete / Player Development Pathway and Performance Development Pathways – both should be aligned and interdependent to ensure the optimal development climate for athletes.

  • Coach Pathway Education – development of coaches for all levels; club and performance coaches. Coaching youth and adults. Programs to develop the ‘what to coach’ and the ‘how to coach’

  • Competition Development and Structuring – making sure your competition structure is aligned with your player development and performance development pathways

  • Program Design and Implementation – ensuring that you have the right programs in place to develop the complete sport system according to your strategic objectives

  • Program Monitoring and Review – building the framework to constantly monitor, evaluate/review your programs

  • Sport Infrastructure Design and Support – Ensuring that you have sufficient and appropriate facilities for youth, performance and lifelong sport needs.

  • Athlete Development and Identification – building and designing programs to identify young talented athletes. Including (but not limited to) talent identification, talent selection, and other means to ensure that youth can sample multiple sport, develop multiple fundamental motor skills and are channeled to appropriate choices to optimize long term participation and/or optimal performance.

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