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APEX Global Sport Group provides an integrated and holistic approach for a full range of services across all the three key areas; Sport Organization Management, Sport Development Management and High Performance Management.  


We work on a project basis but can also provide interim management services. If you have a short-term gap to fill, we can cover that for you.

Organization Management

The management of a sport organization is the foundation for building a sustainable sport system.  APEX-GSG helps sport organizations review and analyze their structures and operations, then develop a strategy to deliver their visions.  We will help you design or shape the optimal structure. We help you develop or find the best people in the right roles.

Sport Development Management

APEX-GSG supports the development of sports across age and demographic groups.  We can help you design and establish a sustainable sport system that includes athlete and coach pathways, from grassroots to lifelong sport participation. we can support the development of critical elements of a comprehensive system including club development, administrators, officials and volunteer development.

High Performance Management

To perform at the highest level, you need to create an environment of success for ALL stakeholders. APEX-GSG has the applied experience and history of success to design and develop sustainable programs to help you deliver optimal performance environments at all levels – local, regional, national or international.

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