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Why choose us?

We add value because of our values:

Adaptable & Agile

You always deal directly with program experts and decision makers, experienced in the use of different strategic planning frameworks and operational structures. We can adopt your existing models, advise on models that we have used successfully in the past, or create something customized for your needs.  We are not locked in to any single methodology.  


Your One-Stop-Shop

We have the experience and expertise and an extensive international network of specialists to cover all your needs in sport development, governance and high performance. .  Ask us the questions – we can answer them.


Practical Knowledge

Based on personal, hands-on experience in sport organizations across the globe. 


We Cut to the Chase

No time-consuming, expensive bench-marking studies, no padding, no unnecessary extras.  We find solutions that work quickly and efficiently. We save you money and time.


Cost Effective, Budget Sensitive

No expensive overheads, no heavy corporate infrastructure, no complex bureaucracy. We save you money.


Partner from Plan to Practice

We don't just give you a plan, or a theory. We stand with you to help you bring ideas and plans to life.


APEX Global Sport Group goes beyond single project management. We work with you to develop and build sustainable plans and programs. We will work to understand your culture, history and the barriers and obstacles you face. We ensure that all programs are integrated and prioritized according to your most pressing needs and your resources.


Contact us to start a conversation.

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