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APEX Global Sport Group welcomes Dr. Morten Storgaard

We are very pleased to announce that APEX Global Sport Group can now draw on Dr. Morten Storgaard’s formidable sports medicine expertise, as an associate consultant. An Olympian in his own right, his sports medicine knowledge and experience are extensive:

· Chief Medical Officer for TeamDenmark at multiple Olympic Games

· Team physician for the Danish Men’s and Women’s Handball teams

· A former orthopedic surgeon

· One of the first clinicians in Denmark to gain a Diploma in Sports Medicine

APEX-GSG managing partner, Niek Nijboer said: “APEX-GSG’s uniqueness is in being able to provide a world-class, one-stop-shop. We have an extensive international network of specialists to cover all our clients’ needs in sport development, governance and high performance. Morten’s current client list includes Danish youth football and the Danish Handball teams. His private practice and involvement in research demonstrate that he is at the top of his game and we are delighted to be able to draw on his expertise for our clients.”

Dr. Peter Davis, managing partner and founder of APEX-GSG said: “Coaches often worry that medical teams don’t share their passion for high performance and winning, but no-one can argue with Morten’s credibility on that count. As an Olympian in his own right, he is uniquely placed to balance athlete well-being with the demands of sport performance at the highest level.”

APEX-GSG managing partner, Roy Headey, said: “Your CV gets you the interview; your communication skills get you the job; it’s your character that determines whether you succeed. Morten’s career achievements over decades in every aspect of sports medicine - as a surgeon, in anti-doping, hands-on at multiple Olympic Games and in running strategic medical programs in Denmark and Saudi Arabia - say everything that needs to be said about his character. We are very pleased to be able to offer his expertise to our clients.”

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